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January 15, 2014


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I agree with you 100% ! I never had trouble getting the box and giving feedback, but still, most boxes left me thinking of unsubcribing. I wanted to quit this month but they got me with the benefit sample which was TINY. I have lived in the states last year and got to know other boxes, which all were so much better. It sucks that Birchbox has made it to Spain, France and the UK but not to Germany yet.

Anna Rudschies

Hi Annie! Thanks for your comment! I know exactly what you mean. When I saw that there was going to be the Benefit Porefessional in the January box, I thought that maybe that would redeem past sins. Then I saw that it was the tiniest possible sample and I thought "Well, I guess you just made my point for me." I'd love to see Birchbox get to Germany too. I've heard good things about it. There's also a thing called Pinkbox but that sucks just as bad as the Glossybox. However, if you are in Germany, give Wunderbox a try. There's no gimmicks or feedback questionnaires or much hoohah around it, but the products are great, the price is good and it's usually very solid stuff all around.


I just checked and saw, that Kosmo only delivers to Germany. Do you have any suggestions for a similar box in Switzerland? :) Thank you! :)

Anna Rudschies

Hi Rebekka! Awww, they don't deliver to Switzerland? I thought they did for about 5€ more! There's the Pinkbox in Switzerland but the problems there are very, very similar to the Glossybox here. I've had it for about a year once and I wouldn't recommend it either. But I can recommend this comprehensive link that might help you out: http://www.swissmakeupblog.ch/2013/09/21/schweizer-beauty-boxen-eine-ubersicht/

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