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July 26, 2013


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Did it add some eyeliner? Thats the most striking change it seems?

Anna Rudschies

Yes, it did add some more eyeliner in addition to the lashes. I just wanted to get a good example of what changes can be done with such apps.


Ah I see! So basically it has added something that could have been added "naturally"? I think I might feel ok about that - because it could easily be real? As long as it's not adding/ removing things not possible in real life? what do you reckon?

Anna Rudschies

Well, I'm not sure. I could be 60kg lighter in theory, so would it be ok to slim myself down in a picture, because it could be done in real life? I don't think I'd ever add makeup features to a picture of a look, like lashes or liner. This was merely done here to show how much is possible and how easy it would be to fall for it all. But maybe basing the argument on "don't add/remove things that are impossible" is a good way to start looking at it. From that perspective, a certain (slight!) amount of 'shopping could be defensible. Definitely food for thought! Thank you so much for helping!

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