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July 31, 2012


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Hi, thank you for the post, though it is quite old :)
I don't use foundation myself, my skin is not that bad, usually I apply only concealer, where needed.
I like the idea of using foundation locally, but the problem is - its colour must match the skin colour exactly. And that is very difficult to acheive, how do you find 100% matching foundation.
Next, do you use bronzer? Doesn't it look weird without foundation?
What do you think about BB creams?

Anna Rudschies

Hi Irina thank you for your comment! About your questions:
1) Matching foundation can be a daunting task. The best way to go if you buy high-end is to swatch it at the counter with the help of a sales assistant and then go outside to look at it in natural light, as store lights can be deceptive and alter the colour a little. If you don't want to swatch it on your face, swatch it on the inside of your arm, which has finer skin and which is almost always the colour of your face. If you buy a drugstore foundation, it's a good idea to pre-select some you're interested in and then look them up on the net to find swatches. This will give you an idea where to start and what you can eliminate right away. Some people I know buy a lighter and a darker shade of drugstore foundation and then figure out at home which is better suited to them, returning the other afterwards. You can also always mix foundations to get a closer match.
2) I do use bronzer, mostly in powder form but I also have one or two in a creamy stick that I love. No, it doesn't look weird without foundation, not at all! I usually apply it after face primer, to lock it in better. You can use setting powder before or after the bronzer (after will tone it down a little). Bronzer before blush though!
3) I've not had an opportunity to try BB creams yet but they look like a cool invention. However, there is a huge difference between the original Asian BB creams and what we get over here. Most stuff we get here is more like a tinted moisturiser. I have heard great things about the L'Oréal BB cream though (Kandee Johnson loves it) and will try it once my budget allows for it. Generally, I think they're a good idea though, especially for gals like us who don't like foundation but still want the best possible looking skin.


Anna, thank you for your answers, that is very helpful.
Yes, I've heard that original asian BB creams are something above, but I guess we don't have much choice here.
I have only one foundation since I don't know when. Its colour is like more saturated colour of my skin, so I can use it only all over my face. Since I almost never use it, though, I never thought of buying a new matching one :) may be now I will.
Now that you dispelled my doubts my goal is to buy a good bronzer.

Anna Rudschies

Haha, good to know! :) If you use a lot of powder face products, a cream bronzer can be nice but it usually takes a little practice to work it right. Otherwise, for high-end I recommend Dallas or Hoola (Hoola is completely matte, Dallas not entirely but it's still my go-to bronzer) or Tarte Chocolate Soleil. If you want a cheaper, matte alternative I recommend looking at drugstore brand's face powders and selecting the darkest shade (just make sure it's not too yellow) and use that as bronzer. Otherwise, Revlon has some nice ones and essence does too (I think the essence one is called Sun Club). Hope this helps and that I can welcome you on Makeup by Anna again! :)

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