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April 18, 2013


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The only thing particularly interesting about me, beauty wise, are my Chanel suits. I am a Chanel whore. As far as makeup..I do blush and lipstick and I use my lipstick (Revlon's Cherries in the Snow) as blush as well. I have never had a pedicure because I have the ugliest feet imaginable, with bunions and a hammer toe (wearing high heels for over 30 years will do that!) If we didn't have Rosie, our twice monthly maid, my house would be condemned.

Anna Rudschies

Haha, that makes me feel better about my mess! :) I love that you're a Chanel whore. I bet you wear the hell out of those suits in a way few women can. I like people who are passionate about certain things or aspects of their life :)

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